Confession: I Did Not Enjoy Being Pregnant!

Confession: I Did Not Enjoy Being Pregnant!

I said it.

I was over the moon excited to be pregnant and I didn’t want to get out of the car for clinic in the morning because of the nausea. My breast doubled in size and the talk around the hospital was that I had gotten a boob job. My back and hips hurt, my belly felt like it would pop. I gained 50lbs – with EVERY PREGNANCY. From around 28 weeks, male colleagues would say “looks like you’re going to pop” in the operating room – this is before cute scrubs. I couldn’t wait to unsnap my bra at the end of the day.

Sound familiar? You might feel sad, disappointed, expected more from your body and don’t know where to turn.

I know your discomfort doesn’t take away from your love and excitement to be growing your family. You can be happy and uncomfortable.

I didn’t have any reliable solutions during my pregnancies. I literally practiced, worked and taught with osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) specialist daily during my first pregnancy. No one was directing me to solutions.

Most women find the metamorphosis of pregnancy unpleasant or even painful. Often you hear, it’s just discomforts of pregnancy. As if, shrug – it’s just part of it, suck it up. No solutions offered. You may have bought the pregnancy pillow and belly band, gone for a maternity massage, taken muscle relaxants and Tylenol but, NO RELIEF.

You want reliable solutions. Every pregnant person deserves a joyful pregnancy.

I believe this at my core. I grew tired of not having time in traditional practice to offer the hand-on solutions I learned in the Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine fellowship. After 14 years experience as an OBGYN, I believe this is the perfect bridge to support pregnant and postpartum patients.

The goal:

  1. keep you active and enjoying your life
  2. help you maintain your fitness during pregnancy
  3. help you feel empowered in your amazing bodies as you grow and nurture your family.

The research: Osteopathic manipulation can serve as valuable therapy in obstetrical care. By providing relief from pain, maintaining homeostasis and circulation, and supporting labor and delivery, pregnancy can be a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The results: They speak for themselves.

Here’s what patients are saying . . .

“I feel guilty my labor was so easy.”

“I wish I had seen you sooner. I assumed I would just suffer in pain.”

“I’m back on my yoga mat and feeling great.”

“I’m sleeping better.”

“I can complete my workday with little to no pain.”

“I’m able to pick up my toddler again.”

Your OB’s know and trust Sky. (Some are even patients,)

Let us partner with you to relieve pain and help you move freely in your body. In our office we offer hands-on osteopathic adjustment custom for your body’s needs.

Rely less on medication and more on your body’s alignment.

We’ve got your back.

Request an appointment on the website and we will call and get you set up.

Not pregnant or postpartum – share this with a friend or family member who could benefit.

XO, Dr. Moyers

Confession: I Did Not Enjoy Being Pregnant!

Confession: I Did Not Enjoy Being Pregnant!