The Secret Powerful Pregnancy Relief You Didn't Know About

The Secret Powerful Pregnancy Relief You Didn't Know About

The secret’s out… you’re pregnant. You’re excited, nervous, and slightly nauseous. 


It’s a wonderful time, but if you’re being honest it's also a very uncomfortable time. The fatigue, heartburn, backaches, and (tiny) meltdowns of not being able to fit into your clothes are starting to wear on you. 


No pun intended. Well….


As much as you’re trying to enjoy the journey to becoming a mom you’re also getting frustrated. You knew it would be tough. You knew that you’d be uncomfortable. But, are you supposed to have aches and pains all the time? 


Is this level of being uncomfortable in pregnancy normal? 


You turn to your doctors, friends, and family to get some insight. Yet, no one seems to be giving you real answers to your questions. And if you hear one more old wives tale you might actually scream.


These questions are impacting the quality of your day-to-day life. You need to know –


  • Are you supposed to be uncomfortable your entire pregnancy?


  • Is there any sort of relief for this unending nausea?


  • What can you do to ease this constant back pain


Most of all…if women have been doing this for thousands of years why don’t your doctors have more answers?! 


Don’t worry it’s not you. It’s your doctor. 


When you want the best care for yourself and your baby you need the best doctor. Your OBGYN should be giving you real solutions to your pregnancy issues. 


It is possible to have actionable solutions to your issues and a team of professionals that’s providing relief. When looking for an OBGYN, consider a doctor that is a DO, who’s trained in OMT to help with pregnancy issues. 


This could be the answer you’ve been searching for during those late nights when you’re so uncomfortable you can’t sleep. 

What is OMT?


You may have heard of mint helping nausea, or prenatal massages for muscle pains, but have you heard of OMT for pregnancy relief?


OMT stands for osteopathic manipulation treatment. Doctors that have a DO after their name can perform OMT. These doctors have extra training in your musculoskeletal system. They understand how the systems in your body interconnect and work with one another. 


When working with a DO, they'll sit down with you and ask in-depth questions about your lifestyle, activities, diet, and of course pain. It’s important that you are honest with your level of pain and symptoms since they’re trying to help you. 


Everything that you tell your doctor is not only confidential, but it’s a clue as to what could be causing an issue.


 It’s also taking you one step closer to pain relief.


Once your doctor understands more of your pain and issues they’ll develop a unique treatment plan for you utilizing osteopathic techniques. 


Feeling a little apprehensive about the process? We get it. Anytime you try something new it can be a little scary. 


This is why it’s crucial to find a doctor that you trust and feel comfortable around. Trusting your doctor will ease the nerves about something unfamiliar so that you can start this new journey. 


Need more reasons to try osteopathic manipulation treatment? There are more than 40 OMT techniques that your doctor can use for different conditions.


This means that there IS an answer to your question AND relief in sight.


When performed by an experienced DO osteopathic treatment aids the body in healing itself. This is because your doctor is rewiring your body’s brain to better fit your changing body and reduce pain.


At your first exam, your doctor might have you sit or stand. Then they’ll touch certain muscles, and soft tissue, and move your arms and legs. 


These movements help your doctor understand your condition and any imbalances in your system. Don’t be surprised if after one treatment you already feel a lot of relief. For some it’s immediate and for others, it may take a few sessions.


It’s possible that after your treatment you might feel a little sore – like after a workout. 


This is totally normal. The soreness you might experience is due to how your doctor manipulated your soft tissue, joints, and muscles. 

OMT Can Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms


Your body is constantly changing during your pregnancy – and some of those changes are pretty uncomfortable. 


Morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy can be one of the worst symptoms any woman can experience. Over-the-counter medications and home remedies can aid in morning sickness. But since every pregnancy is different, what works for one woman or one pregnancy might not work for another. 


Plus, these medications might not be tackling the root of the problem


Some women experience nausea during pregnancy due to increased levels of anxiety. In this case, lessening your stress levels would ease nausea. This is where OMT comes in like your wing-woman. 


By using gentle movements of osteopathy, pregnant women can get relief from nausea. 


Another common pregnancy symptom is back pain. You know the ache. That pain in your hips and back that feels like someone is leaning on your spine. Probably because that’s exactly what your baby is doing!


In fact, two-thirds of women experience back pain during pregnancy, but only half actually get any treatment. That’s a lot of uncomfortable pregnant women. 


This is where osteopathic treatment really shines in helping pregnant women get relief.


Osteopathic treatment can help reduce back and pelvic pain and relieve sciatica. Your doctor can give you an OMT treatment through proven techniques to decrease pain and make you more comfortable. Finally a solution you can use! 


It sounds almost too good to be true – don’t worry it’s truly this fabulous.

Is OMT Safe During Pregnancy


As with any medical treatment, you always want to talk to your doctor before starting something new. However, OMT is safe during pregnancy for most women. 


There are OBGYNs who are DOs and trained in osteopathic manipulative treatment. When going to an OBGYN DO you can feel safe knowing your doctor is experienced in prenatal care and can give you true relief from pregnancy symptoms


Want to hear something even better? OMT helps with labor – a lot. 

Osteopathic manipulative treatment has shown to decrease


  • Preterm delivery 
  • Labor time
  • Pain medication during labor
  • Use of forceps during labor
  • Incidence of meconium- staining of the amniotic fluid


With all of the amazing benefits of using OMT during pregnancy, the real question is why wouldn’t you use osteopathic treatment?


Finding The Best Osteopathic OB/GYN 


Finding an OB/GYN specializing in osteopathic manipulative treatment can require a little more internet digging. These medical professionals have gone the extra mile in understanding the human body and how it’s interconnected.


The easiest way to know if a doctor specializes in OMT is by looking at the letters next to their name. A doctor that has a DO after their name versus an MD has the training to perform osteopathic treatment.


Dr. Carolyn Moyers is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and is fellowship trained in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. She is one of the few OBGYNs in the United States fellowship trained in OMT.


When you go to Dr. Moyers you can breathe a sigh of relief. As a mother herself she understands the journey to motherhood. She blends her knowledge and experience as a doctor and mother to give you what you need through some of the biggest changes of your life. And she provides this care while also reducing your pain.


If you’re experiencing consistent aches, pain, nausea, or other symptoms that need relief it’s time to speak to Dr. Moyers. You can get the care you need with an expert you can trust. 


It’s as easy as requesting an appointment with Dr. Moyers and you can start enjoying your journey to motherhood.

Don’t wait in pain any longer, book your appointment now.